A day of fights and tears #Day 11, Synopsis
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With the garba season in full swing, the housemates wake up to ‘Dholi Taro Dhol Baje’ from Hum Dil De Chuke Saanam with Aashka, Urvashi, Sana and Vrajesh getting a chance to practice their steps to the beat. While on one side, a few housemates are enjoying, Sapna and Kashif engage in a minor argument wherein Kashif expresses his point (innumerable times) that once he is out of the Bigg Boss house, his life is set. This annoys Sapna to no end who expresses her displeasure against it.

Being upset seems like the norm of the day as Aashka is seen breaking down (again) in the bathroom. She tells Urvashi that she cannot bear the fights anymore and she wants to go home. While Urvashi consoles her, Aashka is still upset and seemed unconvinced. To cheer her up, a little while later, Delnaaz, Urvashi and Vrajesh are seen entertaining her with funny songs, dances and one liners.

As a part of the punishment for making the least contribution in the luxury budget task, Rajeev is given a punishment by Bigg Boss to take care of kitchen responsibilities – from cooking to serving. He can take help from only two male members of the house, for which he selects Niketan and Aseem. After some time, Rajeev is seen assuming the responsibility by asking everyone if they want chai. The women give him their preferences and when he asks Assem to join him to make tea, Urvashi speaks out. According to her, one person is enough to make tea and if that’s not the case, she is going to call herself Superwoman from now on, considering she has been making food for the other housemates for so long.

When the question of what to make for dinner arises, Rajeev and Niketan decide on dal khichdi as it is the easiest to make. But only Urvashi opposes this and hence Rajeev decides to make roti and sabji. While the preparations are underway, Urvashi asks for an egg fry as she and a few other women are hungry. Rajeev albeit grumblingly makes the eggs saying that none of the other housemates have ever requested for a snack to be made before dinner. When the eggs are served to the women, Rajeev serves it in one plate. Urvashi doesn’t like this and expresses her displeasure to which Rajeev retorts that everyone has to eat what the kitchen team serves today. And then all hell breaks loose!

Urvashi takes this as a taunt from Rajeev and says that she is tired of his taunts. She adds that she also cooks for the entire household everyday and Rajeev is creating an unnecessary issue over eggs! The argument between the two escalates to Urvashi making a personal taunt to Rajeev about Delnaaz, which offends him and he is dragged out of the bedroom by Vrajesh. Everyone in the house is trying to calm tempers down, with Sapna, Karishma and Vrajesh dancing and singing around Rajeev to keep him distracted. Aashka, Delnaaz, Sayantani, Sana and Vrajesh are also seen calming Urvashi down. After a while, Sidhu approaches both Rajeev and Urvashi and is seen speaking to them and calming them down.

After a while, when the house is a little settled, the funnyman of the house Vrajesh breaks down in front of Sidhu saying that he cannot bear the fighting in the house. He also adds that people had warned him about the pressures of the show, but he thought he would be able to handle it, but now he can’t. Sidhu being the fatherly figure of the house calms him down as well.

This day in the Bigg Boss house ended with the tempers running high and tears flowing freely. It waits to see what the next day has in store for Urvashi and Rajeev as well as the other housemates?

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