A Jhalak of Reloaded Acts of Week 3
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With every passing week, the competition on Jhalak Reloaded is getting fiercer and tougher. This week the theme was Jhalak in motion where the participants were required to use props during their acts. While some made a lasting impression on the judges there were others who fell below expectations. This week was also the beginning of the elimination round with Dipika being the first one to be ousted from Jhalak. Ashish who couldn't complete his performance last week made a smashing comeback with his new choreo-partner Falon Netto. For those of you who missed the week 3 of Jhalak, here is a look at few of the acts.

Kavita Kaushik shocked the judges with her sultry performance.


Kavita Kaushik shocked the judges with her 'dhamakedar' act. She performed to the song 'khamoshiyan teri meri' and had the judges so impressed that they went on to mention how her act seemed so different from her on screen persona and this was something that wasn't truly expected of her. Attagirl!

Faisal's hatke act!

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Faisal Khan decided to go the PK way and performed to the song 'tattad tattad'. An out of the box performer, Faisal's performance like all his previous acts managed to impress the audience. Full of energy, Fasial Khan definitely added the much needed 'zing' to the show.

Mohit goes the acrobatic way!

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One of the few performers on Jhalak who is getting better with every performance! This week Mohit performed to the hit song'har kisi ko' and left tsuch a lasting impression on the judges that they went on to award him a whopping score of 39. A brilliant act, Mohit's prop was also something that wasn't out of the ordinary. 

Radhika sways to the motion!

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Radhika has been experimenting with her looks from week 1 of Jhalak. This week she chose to don another avatar and opted to go the traditional way. She performed to to the song 'nagada' and had the entire audience swaying to the music. 

So, if you have missed the performances from last week of Jhalak, do check them out here! And don't forget to mention below in the comments section who all your favorite performers on Jhalak Reloaded. 

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