A Jhalak of the Reloaded acts of Week 1
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Jhalak Reloaded made a grand debut last weekend and we couldn’t help but look at some acts in utter awe. Each one of the contestants performed their best but some acts stood out in terms of  glamour, passion, spirit, and lots and lots of dance! Here’s a look at all the reloaded acts of Week 1. Tell us if you agree!

Sasha’s smashing opening act!

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How much ever we say about Shahid’s dance, it’ll always be less. He’s a performer par excellence and that got proven wonderfully in his opening act. His act gave the perfect opening to the season 8 of Jhalak Reloaded! For now enjoy watching your favorite Sasha do ‘Dhating Naach’!

Faisal is this season’s Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka!

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He’s the youngest contestant this season but his dance moves are to be taken seriously. Like really, seriously! His act in Week 1 could well be a warning to other contestants, hope they’re taking notes!

Scarlett stole our hearts!

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She may not be desi, but her moves definitely are! In her first act she performed to ‘Fifi’ and immediately caught our attention. This firangi tadka is what you should watch out for!

Dance is not just about movements

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And how aptly has Subhreet proved that statement! It’s the spirit of dance that enhances the art and Subhreet seems to do a wonderful job out of it. Her performance not only made everyone feel the spirit of dance, but also made our judges overwhelmed with appreciation. You go girl!

Take a lesson from the Dance Gurus

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And this is why they’re termed as ‘The Gurus of Dance’ The way they grooved on stage, contestants you better take a lesson or two!

Tell us whose act you enjoyed the most in Week 1, in comments box below!

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