A Jhalak of the Reloaded Acts Week 10
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The theme of week 10 of Jhalak had each participant using some kind of item during their performance. While some used just a single article, there were others who used multiple items during their routine. 

Neha, Anita and Roopal, the wild card entrants on Jhalak made quite an impression this week on the judges. Whether it was Anita’s sexy act, Roopal quirky dance or Neha’s traditional Indian avatar, all at the Jhalak house felt the pressure and competition from these three divas on Jhalak. For those of you who missed the last week’s act, here is a quick look at some of the performances. 

Mohit’s heart-wrenching act!

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We never thought that he would rise from last week’s debacle so much stronger and better. Just a day before the final act, Mohit’s choreo-partner Marischa hurt her knee and was replaced at the end moment by Bhavna. Despite having just a day to rehearse, the duo gave such a smashing performance that everyone in the audience and the judges were spell-bound by the act. Shahid even went up to Mohit and hugged him at the end of it.  He performed to the song 'yeh jism hain toh kya' and bagged the immunity ball this week saving him from the next week’s elimination round. We were glad to see this side of Mohit on Jhalak!
Neha’s Indian avatar!
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When the judges saw her last week, they thought her to be a very shy girl and didn’t take her too seriously.  However, her act this week changed the way they looked at her. Dressed in traditional Indian attire, Neha danced to the song ‘jiya jale’ with diyas as and took everyone by surprise. Neha and her choreo-partner Rajat bagged a total of 35 points for their act.  For her first performance on Jhalak, we give her a thumbs up!
Faisal’s tribute to mother hood!
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His act last week left all in the audience in tears. Soulful and heart-warming, Faisal’s act was a great tribute to all mothers across the world. Faisal and his choreo-partner Vaishnavi danced to the song ‘chunar’ using dupattas as the items in their act. The two scored a whopping 39 points. The act was so good that the judges couldn’t stop raving about it and Shahid went onto call Vaishnavi, Faisal’s right hand. We guarantee you; you will feel as emotional as we did!
Sanaya’s sultry act!
The bubbly Sanaya showed her ‘oh so’ sexy side this week on Jhalak Reloaded. Sanaya and her choreo-partner Jai performed to the song aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hain’ and score a total 38 points. Her bath tub act was so seductive that Malaika couldn’t help herself looking at Faisal’s reaction in between the act. You gotta see it to believe it how hot and sexy her dance routine was!
Incase you have missed the last episode, click here to watch!
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