A Jhalak of the Reloaded Acts Week 11
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The week 11th of Jhalak Reloaded saw a lot of interesting acts revolving around the theme ‘Bollywood filmy masala’. Each contestant had to choose a theme like drama, mythology or devotion and perform on the basis of that. 

Taking the filmy tadka to a whole new level, the contestants used a lot of innovative ideas and props to showcase their creativity and talent to the judges. Apart from the contestants, the judges too got into the filmy masala mode and stood in line for the Sholay auditions. You won’t believe it, Shahid and Ganesh even fought to play the part of Gabbar in the new Sholay.  While the two fought, Malaika was happy playing Basant’s role, Manish Veeru’s role and Lauren Dhanno’s role. 

With just few weeks to go for the finale, we saw another exit on this week of Jhalak Reloaded. Roopal who made an entry just a few weeks back was eliminated after she performed opposite Neha in the ‘jaan ke liye dance’ round. For all those who have missed the last week’s episode, here’s a quick look at some of the best acts from week 11. 

Anita and Sanam's heart-rendering act! 


This week again, Anita and Sanam's act to the song 'kuch toh bata zindagi' left everyone wanting for more. The duo who played a deaf and mute couple very beautifully portrayed a love story in just two and a half minutes. The judges were very impressed with the act with Ganesh even saying that she proved how talented she was. Shahid said he felt her Jhalak jouney began today and Malaika went onto compliment Sanam by saying that he truly understood Anita's strengths and weaknesses. They scored a whopping 39 for their dance routine. This wild card entrant surely has in such a short span proved her mettle on the show. We bet the other contestants on the show must have felt nervous watching her perform with such a lot of grace. Hats off to Anita for her act!

Faisal’s out-of-the-box concept!

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And once again Faisal impressed the judges with his brilliant, out-of-the-box act! Faisal and Vaishnavi performed to the song 'dhadak dhadak' using doll house sized props like a train, house, car among other things. The judges were so impressed with the concept of the dance routine that they called Vivek, their choreographer on stage to congratulate him for the brilliant idea. Faisal bagged a total 35 points for his performance. With such amazing acts week after week, we bet Fasial will make it to the finals on Jhalak. 

Neha’s power-packed act!

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Neha who forgot quite a few steps in the ‘jaan  ke liye dance’ round opposite Roopal came back stronger in her individual act on Jhalak. Neha and her choreo-partner Rajit danced to the song 'hey ganaraya' and bagged a total 35 points. The performance which was dedicated to lord Ganesha was power-packed with a lot of energy and Neha looked a lot less nervous in this act of hers. We hope that Neha has learnt from her mistakes and will give better performances in the coming weeks of Jhalak. 

Sanaya breaks all bonds!
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She has been married once, been on a honeymoon and in her week 11 act has even gone for a divorce. Sanaya and her choreo-partner Jai danced to the song 'aur ho' and scored a total of 36 points. Malaika loved her act and said if she kept on performing like this, she would surely make it to the finals, while Shahid said to Jai that the best thing about their performance was that he gave Sanaya the opportunity to perform.  Looking at how well she is performing week after week, we have no doubts that she will make it to the finals. All the best Sanaya! In case you want to see the entire episode, click here to watch. 

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