A Jhalak of the Reloaded Acts Week 12
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The theme of day one of week of 12 of Jhalak was all about the 90s where each participant had to do a dance on anyone of the 90s classic songs.  On day two of Jhalak, some of the celebrities were kidnapped for the ' teen ka tadka' round and had to perform with the current lot of contestants and their choreographers on the show.  Faisal who went home taking the ticket to the finale is safe from elimination from this week onwards although he will be performing for the next few weeks. It wasn't just Faisal who impressed the judges with his act, Mohit and Gautam's act in the 'teen ka tadka' round was absolutely sizzling and sent the temperature soaring on the sets. Incase you have missed the last episode, here is a quick look at some of the acts from the show. 

Anita’s Romantic Sizzling Act!

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Just few weeks into the game and Anita is already giving a tough fight to all the contestants on the show. Anita with her choreographer Sanam  gave a sensuous performance on the sonng 'jhanjariya' . The surprise at the end of her act which was absolutely to die for was when her husband, Rohit grabbed her head at the end of her act, leaving her abslutely speechless.  Shahid prasied Anita for the lifts and said that it was for the first time they got to see Anita's wild dancing style on stage, while Malaika said it was a 'million dollar' moment on the show. Anita's act is absolutely worth watching! One of the classiest acts, her performance was a true tribute to the 90s!

Mohit’s Govindawala Act! 


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Mohit is very hardworking and his transformation from a non-dancer to a dancer on Jhalak is quite evident. Mohit's act this week was full of energy unlike his last week's heart-wrenching act. Mohit brought to the stage Govinda's fun-loving atutude and energy. Lauren loved Mohit's fun filled act and said that there was less stress on his face, an indication that he himself was enjoying his performance. Ganesh loved his choice of song. Mohit and Bhavna danced to the song 'main toh raaste se jaa raha tha'  and 'aa ee oo mera dil na todo' and scored a total 37 points. 

Faisal's out-of-box concept!

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Akshat added a little spice on Jhalak this week when he performed with one of the most consistent contestants on the show, Faisal. The trio set the stage on fire by performing tn the song ' Happy budday' by using the concept on 'mere Karan Arjun aayege' from the movie Karan Arjun. Vaishnavi essayed the role of Rakhee who was seen waiting for her sons, Karan and Arjun on their birthday. The judges absolutely loved their act. Ganesh said 'aishi maa sabko mile jo whacking karti hai' after seeing the act. It was a visual treat for all to see the trio perform. Faisal went home bagging a full 40 and a ticket to the finale. Faisal, you have made us all proud!


Sanaya Horrorific Dance!

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The sweet Sanaya attempted something new this week and tried to scare the judges , which she did manage to do splendidly. Sanaya and Jai danced to the song 'yeh kali kali aankhein' dressed as zombies. Sanaya whose performance didn't  leave the judges much impressesed with her act scored only 33 points for her dance routine. Better luck next time, Sanaya!


The Glamorous Shamita!

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The glamorous Shamita tried the Latin-American form with her tadka, Sanjeeda on the song 'mehbooba mehbooba' this week of Jhalak and bagged loads of excellent compliments from the judges.  Shahid was impressed to see Shamita's consistent performance , and complimented her for dancing like a professional on the floor with her body language matching perfectly with Sanjeeda. Malika added saying that the gals looked amazing and said to Deepak, where men cant handle one girl , Deepak managed to handle two of them. The trio scored a whopping 40 for their dance routine. Well deserved, gals! And offcourse, Deepak!

To watch the entire episode, click here to watch. 

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