A Jhalak of the Reloaded Acts Week 13
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The competition on the Jhalak sets has become really cut through with every contestant putting their best foot forward for each of their acts. With just a week left to go before the winner of the Jhalak trophy is announced, the atmosphere on the sets was pretty tense. Cooling down the temperature a little and bringing a dose of double entertainment this week were the IGT contestants. Manik, Gagandeep, Prahlad, Ravindra and Anjali spun their magic on day two of week 13 of Jhalak Reloaded.  Anita who couldn’t perform on Jhalak due to her injury left the competition mid-way. Sanam, her choreo-partner performed with the  IGT contestant Anjali and her assistant Khusbhoo on day two of Jhalak. In case you have missed the last week’s performances, here’s a quick look at some of the acts.  

Faisal’s rocking performance!

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There is no stopping the power-house performer Faisal! Despite getting a ticket to the finale, Faisal has continued to surprise us with his ‘dhamakedar’ acts. Faisal and his choreo-partner Vaishnavi performed to the song ‘warna gabbar aa jayega’ and received a lot of praises from the judges. While Shahid said that he was amazed to see the start of the act, Ganesh said that he expected to see something new from him each time. Well, Faisal it looks like your fan-base is increasing by the day! And why not, you totally deserve it.

Mohit’s fiery act!

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Mohit has certainly come a long way on Jhalak. Who would say looking at him that he is actually a non-dancer?  Despite changing choreo-partners twice, Mohit’s positive attitude proves that nothing is impossible if one truly believes. Mohit performed with Sneha to the song ‘vele’ and got quite a few compliments for the prop that he used. While Malaika said that he set the stage on fire, Shahid called him hardworking. With all the adulation coming his way, we bet Mohit must be on cloud 9 this week. And he deserves to be; after all it was a dazzling act!

Shamita’s disappearing act!

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Shamita has made a place for herself among the audience with her spectacular performances week after week on Jhalak. Shamita and her choreo-partner Deepak performed with the IGT contestant Ravindra to the song ‘ek hasina thi’. The judges loved the concept and especially how well the magic was incorporated into the dance routine. With just a week to go, we wish Shamita all the best for the finals. 

Sanaya’s shadow act!

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Sanaya and Jai performed with IGT contestant Prahlad to the song ‘awaara bhanwara’ on day 2 of week 13 of Jhalak. Sanaya who is one of the most consistent performers did it once again with her shadow act. The act which involved the use of hands to form shadows were incorporated as characters and props into the dance routine. Prahlad who is known for his shadow act integrated the concept very beautifully into the performance. The judges loved the act and called Prahlad the star of the show. The performance deserve s a thumbs up because of the amount of thought and creativity that went behind it all. We wish Sanaya all the best for the finale.

To watch the full episode, click here. 

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