A new challenge for Bondita and Anirudh!
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  • November 25, 2020
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Tonight on Barrister Babu, Bondita and Batuk arrive at Batuk’s school, where Bondita takes off her shoes at the entrance. Bondita talks to Batuk’s Principal like a guardian, but the Principal sends them away saying he would want to meet someone elder. What will Bondita do next? Anirudh, on the other hand, manages to sell most of the stocks of the Heera-mandi girls, but soon people begin to talk about the girls’ past in Kolkata, thus leading the crowd to move away from their stall. Will Anirudh be able to handle this?

Later, Bondita bumps into another student who shows her the map and India’s extents. Bondita then enters a vacant classroom and imagines how it must be to be part of a class. On the other hand, the Principal announces the beginning of the elocution competition and the arrival of their chief guest Gandhi ji. Bondita, who is present there is super-thrilled at the mention of this name. Just then, Gandhi ji notices Bondita, and calls her out to the stage. People begin to pelt stones at HM girls and their stall. Anirudh then comes in the middle and confronts everyone and questions why can’t they allow the HM girls to make a fresh start, instead of reacting so violently to their presence amidst them. People begin to pelt stones at HM girls and their stall. At RC Kothi, Ramaaiyya Suraaiyya arrives to inform Anirudh that they are tired of the abuses hurled at them and that they want to cease their lives. On learning this, Anirudh reacts majorly and seeks some time from them in order to figure a workable solution.

What’s next? Find out on Barrister Babu tonight at 8:30 pm.

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