Addu gets Mohan arrested as revenge! Na Bole Tum- 2 Recap 26th June-2nd July
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Addu was concerned when Munna’s grandmother turned up at the wedding. As she was being welcomed by Mohan and Megha, Addu drugged Munna which made him doze off. During Nanhi’s bidaai, the whole family got very emotional on seeing her go, and she bid a tearful farewell to everyone. Mohan warned Beera not to break Nanhi’s trust or he would have to pay for it. Nanhi also apologized to Mohan for defying him in public, for which he forgave her immediately, and finally Nanhi left for Goa. (Watch Nanhi’s bidaai here)

Megha gave Addu her ring as shagun for being Nanhi’s brother and told him that she felt like she knew him from before. Just as Addu was leaving, Munna woke up and saw his grandmother, and started calling out to her. 

After the guests left, Mohan and Megha confessed to each other about knowing that the boy living at their place was not Addu, but both had their reasons for hiding the fact from each other. Mohan didn’t tell her real Addu’s identity, but they decided to take Munna back to his grandmother. (Watch as Mohan and Megha make the heart-breaking confession)

On the other hand, Addu threatened Munna’s grandmother to do as he said or he would leave the house forever, and the old lady agreed. Rimjhim was distraught to know that her Addu bhaiyya would be leaving to go to his grandmother’s place, but calmed down when Megha promised that she would meet him everyday.  (Watch as Rimjhim says goodbye to her Addu bhaiyya)

Nanhi was worried as Beera was lost during their honeymoon and failed to cheer up even after all her efforts. She tied a seashell bracelet to his wrist and told him that they would start a new life with a lot of understanding, but Beera didn’t respond. 

When Mohan and Megha reached Munna’s place to drop him, they found the house locked. Addu called Mohan and asked him to meet him at Indore station, and Mohan thought that he would bring Addu home. But Addu met Mohan and narrated all the misery that he had gone through. (Watch the confrontation here)

Mohan tried to convince him to forget everything and come home, but Addu rejected the request, saying that he hated him for taking his mother and sister away from him. He warned Mohan that within the next 24 hours, Addu would make his life miserable. (Watch as Addu warns Mohan)

Mohan was heart-broken to see his son be vengeful towards him, and reached home in a state of shock. While Megha was trying to cheer him up, Munna’s grandmother stormed in, and accused Mohan of hiding her grandson. Megha told her that they came to her house but she was not home. But when Megha tried looking for Munna, he was missing. (Watch as Megha finds Munna mssing)

Just then, Addu came in with the police and mediapersons and alleged that Mohan had declared the mentally unstable Munna as Addu to impress Megha. Mohan responded to the questions thrown at him and started looking for Munna. (Watch as Mohan’s motives are questioned)

Addu directed the police to Mohan and Megha’s old house, and Mohan was shocked when they found Munna gagged and stuffed inside a bed. Mohan was arrested on charges of child kidnapping and taken away, and Addu watched happily. (Click here to watch Mohan's arrest)

With Addu hell bent on destroying Mohan, will he succeed in tearing his family apart? Or will Mohan triumph over his son?

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