Addu is reunited with his family! Na Bole Tum Weekly Recap 8th-13th May
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The week began with Mohan getting a call from Munna’s grandmother, requesting him to meet her. When Mohan got there, he was surprised to meet Munna, who thanked him for reuniting him with his grandmother, and apologized to him for hating him because of Addu. (Click here to watch Mohan and Munna come face to face)

But Mohan was shocked when Munna directed him to a mental asylum, and revealed that Addu lived here. Mohan came to Addu’s room and called out to him, but Addu went hysterical with his hatred for Mohan, and started attacking him, leaving Mohan shattered. (Watch Addu’s violent reaction to Mohan)

Back home, Rimjhim was upset as Mohan didn’t help her in selecting a Mother’s Day gift for Megha, but Megha calmed her down on call. Navika too, decided how to surprise Megha with a little help from Beera. 

Mohan was disturbed to see Addu in a bad state, and questioned Munna about their past. Munna revealed that they were made to beg and steal after their kidnapping, and Addu got hurt while running away from their kidnappers. (Watch as Munna narrates his heart-rending story)

Munna and the doctor both warned Mohan against taking Addu back home, but Mohan was determined to take him to Megha, insisting that they would take care of him. 

On Mother’s Day, Megha got a surprise from Rimjhim who decorated the whole house with balloons and pictures of Addu, and dressed up as Addu herself. Navika was really angry with Rimjhim for reminding Megha about Addu, but Megha liked the surprise, and wished both her children Happy Mother’s Day. (Watch the touching celebration here)

Back in the asylum, Mohan tried getting Munna ready, but had to let Munna do it for fear of Addu losing his cool again. While Munna got Addu ready, Mohan imagined him interacting with Addu, but was brought back to reality when it was time to leave. (Watch Mohan’s longing for his son here)

After Addu bid a tearful farewell to Munna, Mohan took him to Vyas house, where everyone was waiting for him to cut the cake. Megha was overjoyed when she saw Addu, and rushed to hug him, but was speechless when Addu pushed her away. (Watch Megha’s first meeting with Addu here)

A shocked Megha tried to remind Addu that she was his mother, and introduced him to the rest of the family, but all of them were heartbroken when Mohan told them that Addu couldn’t remember anyone. Megha reassured Mohan that he had done the right thing by getting their son home. Addu refused to interact with Nanhi or Megha, but was comfortable only with Jiji, giving the rest of the family some hope. (Watch as Addu gets agitated with the family)

With Addu refusing to recognize his family, will his return manage to make his family happy? Or will Megha and Mohan manage to tide through this together? 

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