Akanksha puts her foot down!
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Megha and Mohan have dreamt of this day, and so have their fans. After Megha finally confessing her love from Mohan in a dramatic twist, they are all set to get married to each other. The sangeet is done with and the wedding is in the offing. But all the fans who are looking forward to see Megha and Mohan get close to each other after marriage, brace yourselves for disillusionment!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the reason for this is that Akanksha Singh, who plays Megha in the show is not-so-comfortable doing intimate scenes. Now we know that intimate sequences are the order of the day in TV shows, but Akanksha Singh is not very fond of cozying up to her co-star, on-screen of course. Says Akanksha, “I do have a problem with intimate scenes. I'm not a prude but there is a limit to what I will do on screen, even if I am married in the show. I'm very reserved in real life so doing these scenes is very difficult for me.” This piece of information must be difficult to hear for Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha fans.

But what about the hug that Mohan got from Megha when she confessed her love for him? Akanksha says that she tweaked even that scene to suit her sensibilities and still look good on screen. Talk about a golden mean.

But all is not lost yet. Akanksha says that she has her own way of doing things and that applies to intimate scenes as well. So much so, that she has 'warned' the writer of the show as well! Don't worry it wasn't a high- handed threat. “I have told the writers not to write such scenes for me as I won't be able to do them. Aap likho mat, main karungi nahi,” she laughs. 

So does this mean that she doesn't want to get up, close and personal with Kunal Karan Kapoor, paired opposite her as Mohan? Akanksha is quick to clarify, “No, no, that's not the case. I share an excellent chemistry with Kunal, but inspite of that, I still can't bring myself to get cosy on screen.”

So, if we understand correctly, Akanksha will bring a level of initimacy to screen, but in her own way. And that is reason enough to celebrate for Na Bole Tum lovers. And we do appreciate the fact that Akanksha, like other actresses, doesn't believe in crossing all limits just because 'the script demands it'.

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