Akash accepts his feelings for Meethi #Uttaran Weekly Update – 2nd May to 8th May
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The week began with Tapasya and Mukta talking about the fate of Meethi. Tapasya recalls the time she spent with Ichcha in childhood and feels responsible for Meethi’s future. She blames herself for not believing in Mukta before and both worry wondering where Meethi is. Watch their conversation in this video

In the haveli, Meethi packs up to leave and says her goodbyes to all. She promises to bring lots of gifts in her next visit and shares an emotional moment with Kajri. Maiyya prays Meethi reaches her mother soon and advises Akash to complete the task. Watch Meethi’s vidaai from the haveli in this video

Kajri feels that Maiyya and family is up to something and finds Meethi’s quick exit fishy. She plans to get the truth out of Pavitra and makes kheer for her. She tricks her into telling her the whole truth about Meethi and feels scared on knowing Maiyya’s plans. Watch as Pavitra reveals the true story in front of Kajri

Akash’s car breaks down in a jungle and they try to find a way out. Akash keeps remembering Maiyya’s words and the promise he made to her. Meanwhile, Meethi spots a pretty flower and is going to get it when Akash removes the knife and moves ahead to stab her. Watch the entire sequence here. 

Tapasya dreams about Meethi in danger and wakes up with a start. Rathore rushes in to help her and advises her to not take stress. She rues about not having taken care of Meethi when the time was right and fears for the worst. Watch as Rathore tries to calm down Tapasya

Meethi and Akash take shelter in a nearby village where some gypsies are celebrating. They invite the two to join in and both share a romantic dance. Akash remembers all the moments he has spent with Meethi and unknowingly takes 7 pheras with her around the bonfire. Watch as Akash decides to protect Meethi and throws the knife in the fire

Agarth warns Maiyya that Akash is in love with Meethi but she doesn’t pay any heed. He tells her that the stars suggest that love will win over hatred and its time Akash should have returned but hasn’t. Maiyya doesn’t accept a single point and insists that Akash only loves her. Watch as Maiyya’s faith in Akash begins to falter

In the village, Meethi finds an old lady who reads hands and pleads her to read her destiny. The lady tells her that she and her husband are going to go through ha tough phase but Meethi will overcome it all. Watch as Akash gets scared on hearing the prediction

Akash realizes he needs to let Meethi go if he wants her to be safe. He purposely begins to argue with her and when she retaliates he forces her to leave him. The two walk till the main road and Akash puts her in a bus and asks her to leave him forever. When the bus starts moving, Meethi stops it and gets out and looks for Akash. He is sitting in a nearby jungle where a snake bites him and when Meethi finds him he falls unconscious.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Meethi saving Akash’s life. To know more about the plot, check out this link!

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