Akash and Meethi meet again! #Uttaran Weekly Update – 13th June to 19th June 2013
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The week began with Surbhi questioning Maiyya’s motives on seeing the divorce papers sent by Kanha. She blamed Maiyya to have destroyed her future and giving more importance to Akash’s wishes. Agarth shouts on her to have spoken rudely to Maiyya and instructs her to sign the papers. Watch as Agarth Mama tries to instigate Maiyya against Akash.

Sankrant is happy to see a changed Maiyya and exclaims the same to akash. He feels that Meethi can return to Aatishgarh now but Akash objects saying that Maiyya wouldn’t want to see her again. He also feels that Meethi hates him but Sankrant tries to convince him otherwise. To prove his point, Sankrant dials Meethi’s number and gives the phone to Akash. Watch as Akash is unable to talk to Meethi on phone.

Mukta questions Meethi about her feelings for Akash and is worried that she is still in love with him. Meethi denies anything as such and requests Mukta and Vishnu to go out without her. She then contemplates about what Mukta said and is confused about her feelings. Watch as Meethi tries to figure what’s in her heart.

Maiyya comes to the hospital with food and Akash insists on being fed by her. He notices that Maiyya is tensed about something and when he asks her she comments that while she is ready to give up the revenge, she hopes that Akash will start a new life and forget Meethi. Watch as Akash promises to never go back to Meethi again.

Akash with Maiyya and Sankrant and Meethi with Jogi Thakur, Veer and Kanha leave for Asthivisarjan. Both reach the Ganga ghat but are unaware about each other’s presence. Panditji explains the families the procedure to do the puja. Watch this sequence right here.

Akash and Meethi proceed to complete the other rituals. Both immerse the ashes in water and feel saddened by letting go. Meethi is in tears and requests Kanha to let her sit by the lake side for some time. Even Maiyya and Sankrant leave Akash alone. Watch the asthivisarajan in this video.

When Meethi is about to leave from the ghat, she notices Maiyya and Sankrant sitting in a car. At once she assumes that something has happened with Akash and is about to talk to Maiyya when she sees Akash walking down. She runs to meet him and enquires if he’s ok. Watch their conversation in this video.

Tapasya worries about Meethi and tells the same to Rathore. She suggests getting Meethi remarried but Nani objects strongly and comments that wedding is not a game of puppets. Tapasya gets angry at her for being orthodox but Nani’s sharp remarks about Tapasya and Rathore’s relations leave the two in an awkward position. Watch Nani’s rant in this video.

Meethi feels disgusted by her reaction on seeing Akash and questions herself. Her alter ego forces her to accept her feelings for him but Meethi is all the more confused. Akash and Maiyya bid farewell to his father and Maiyya makes him promise to remove Meethi from his life forever. Watch as Akash and Meethi are left in dilemma over their feelings.

Meethi makes up her mind to talk to Akash and goes to look for him. She blames him for breaking her heart and trust and how now she will never be able to love anyone ever again. She declares her hatred for him and promises to hate him all her life. Akash is unable to answer her questions and let Meethi vent her feelings. Watch Meethi argue with Akash in this video.

Meethi takes divorce papers out and thinks about all the reasons why she should sign it. Akash too remembers the brief meeting with Meethi and understands her hatred. They both have different conversations in mind and reach to a conclusion their relationship. Watch Akash and Meethi end their relationship in this video.

Will Meethi sign the divorce papers and end her relation with Akash or will there be a new chapter to this twisted love story? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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