Akash punishes himself for his deeds #Uttaran Weekly Update 30th May to 5th June
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In the beginning we saw Meethi having a hard time processing the truth. She has dreams about Akash getting her tea in bed and she wakes up with a start and breaks the tea cup Damini was holding for her. She cries about not able to forget Akash and the memories. Watch as Damini asks Meethi to forget everything and move on.

Maiyya goes to look for Sankrant and finds him in a bar. She throws some bangles at him and asks him to wear it if he can’t fight for the family’s honor.  She tells him how Meethi’s family had a tussle with Akash and he returned home injured. Watch as Maiyya asks Sankrant to kill Meethi.

Meethi goes to share her problems with Tapasya and tells her how Akash’s memories are torturing her. Tapasya suggests her to forget everything as a bad dream and move on in life. She states the best way to go ahead in life would be to start afresh and for that she should divorce Akash. Watch their conversation in this video.

Akash looks around for Maiyya at home but nobody is ready to help him. Maiyya returns from meeting Sankrant and when Akash tries to talk to her she locks herself in the room. He sits outside her room and pleads her to talk while other house members taunt him for breaking Maiyya’s trust. Agarth Mama blames him for wasting Maiyya’s penance and asks him to leave the house and go away. Watch as Akash decides to leave the house.

While going out of the house Akash runs into Sankrant and asks him why he has come back. Sankrant tells him about Maiyya’s request to kill Meethi and Akash is left stunned. 

Sankrant describes how he plans to kill Meethi and his description irritates Akash. Watch this sequence right here.

Akash calls out to Maiyya from downstairs and requests her to forget the revenge and move on with her life. He begs him to not ask Sankrant to hurt Meethi and spare her children from messing up their life.  Maiyya doesn’t respond to his requests and he eventually faints. Watch their conversation in this video.

Veer gets his lawyer home and has Kanha and Meethi’s divorce papers ready. Meethi is confused whether she should sign the papers and even Kanha is a little taken aback. Damini tries to explain how important it is for Meethi to forget the past. Watch as Meethi contemplates whether she should go ahead with the divorce.

Doctor is called home to check on Akash and he admonishes them for delaying at the cost of his health. He advises them to immediately admit Akash in the hospital and Sankrant is about to do the same but Agarth Mama stops him. He states that only if Maiyya will give her permission then Akash can be taken to the hospital. Sankrant goes outside Maiyya’s room and pleads her to give in before Akash dies. When she agrees to send him, Akash gains consciousness and refuses to go. Watch this sequence right here.

Kanha and Meethi proceed to sign the papers but Nani comes at that moment and rues about how relations in modern world end with mere papers. She comments how Ichcha and her family have never remained happy for long and lost each one from tiem to time. Hearing this, Meethi feels bad and Divya tries to shush Nani. Watch Nani’s rant in this video.

Meethi goes through a flashback moment and remembers her wedding with Akash. Nani’s words echo in her mind and before she could sign the papers she faints and bangs her head filling her maang with her own blood. Watch as Meethi is unable to sign the divorce papers.

Maiyya and Sankrant plead Akash to get treated but he refuses and instead gives two options to Maiyya. He asks her to choose between him and her revenge and only then would he go to the hospital. Maiyya says those two things cannot be compared and he can’t ask to choose. Watch as Akash forces Maiyya to give up her need for revenge.

Meethi remembers Ichcha and wonders why she is still alive. She is confused if Akash’s feelings for her was just a part of the act and if she really didn’t mean anything to him. She promises herself that she will forget him but will forgive him for what he did. Watch Meethi’s promise in this video.

Fed up with Maiyya’s stubbornness, Akash goes to her room and locks himself in. He talks to his father’s photo and remembers the time when Maiyya made him promise that he will make Meethi suffer. He regrets the fact that he has been instilled the feeling of revenge since childhood and decides to throw away Avinash’s ashes. He picks up the jar and remembers all the moments when Maiyya tortured Meethi. He falls down once hurting himself but doesn’t give up and asks Meethi for her forgiveness. Watch as Akash tries to punish himself for his mistakes.

Will Akash get another chance to be with Meethi or will Sankrant fulfill Maiyya’s wishes and kill her? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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