Akash tries to protect Meethi #Uttaran Weekly Update – 18th Apr to 25th Apr
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In the beginning of the week we saw how Akash stopped his aunts from feeding mutton to Meethi. His reaction shocked Pavitra and Gomti and they went and complained to Maiyya about it. Watch this sequence right here.

Mukta overhears Jogi and Rathore’s discussion about Meethi and questions them if they found anything. Jogi apologizes to Mukta for not believing her earlier and all the three wonder where Meethi could be. Watch their conversation in this video.

Agarth hits his wife Kadambari and threatens her to never again step out of the room. When he leaves, Meethi comes to talk to her and Kadambari requests her to give her something to eat. Watch as Meethi tries to console Kadambari.

While on her to way to Kadambari’s room, Meethi is stopped by Agarth and Nirbhay. When asked, Meethi confirmed she’s taking the food for Kadambari and this angered Nirbhay. She also lectured Agarth on how to take care of his wife and left them fuming. Watch this sequence right here.

Akash overhears Meethi’s speech and contemplates on his vows of marriage. At that time, Kajri tells him to go to the store room and take care of Meethi since her life is in danger. Akash breaks the door of the store room and sees Meethi being strangled by a man and a cut on her arm. In darkness he manages to recognize the man to be Nirbhay. Watch as Akash saves Meethi’s life.

Nirbhay manages to run away at the nick of time and the family gathers to see the commotion. They find a trail of blood which leads to Kadambari’s room and blame her for the attack. But Meethi asserts that she’s sure it was a man who tried to kill her. Watch as Meethi voices out her opinion against Maiyya. 

Rathore calls Jogi in the middle of the night and updates him about Meethi’s whereabouts. He informs that the police traced Akash’s IP address to a village in Uttar Pradesh and both decide to leave immediately. Watch as Rathore and Jogi reach a step closer to finding to Meethi. 

Akash dresses Meethi’s wound and later goes to Maiyya’s room. While everyone is happy with Nirbhay’s act, Akash questions him his motive to kill his wife. He complains to Maiyya as to why they’re deterring away from the plan and hearing him defend Meethi, Maiyya is stunned and reminds him his mission. Watch as Maiyya gives Akash the responsibility to kill Meethi.

When Akash comes back to his room, Meethi tries to talk to him. She explains how she has tried her best to make Akash’s family his but still she finds them weird. She is sure that a man tried to kill her and not Kadambari and thanks him for saving her life and for being there for her. Watch as Meethi’s words confuse Akash even more.

Jogi and Rathore reach Uttar Pradesh and meet up with the police. The officer narrows down their search to four villages, one of them being Aatishgarh. Police decides to cover other villages while Rathore and Jogi take up the responsibility of checking out Aatishgarh. Watch this sequence right here. 

Akash goes to the Shiv temple to pray and confesses being confused about Meethi. He asks God to help decide whom to choose, Maiyya or Meethi. At the same time, Rathore and Jogi reach Aatishgarh and are asking around. Rathore notices Akash at the temple but his back is facing him and is unable to recognize. He stands right behind Akash and calls out to him. Watch as Rathore almost finds Akash.

Doctors inform Tapasya that her health is better and she requests them to discharge her soon. The doctors are reluctant to let her go but she manages to convince them. At home, Damini and Divya are conducting Ichcha’s tervaan when Tapasya comes back home.

Before Rathore could talk to Akash, Jogi finds a rickshaw and both leave from there. While enquiring, they reach Maiyya’s haveli and before Meethi could open the door Kajri comes and does it for her. She calls Agarth to talk to the two and when they show him, Akash’s photo, Agarth gets alarmed and tries to make them leave. But then Meethi walks in the room. Watch as Rathore and Jogi reach Maiyya’s haveli.

Will Meethi manage to finally meet her family or will Maiyya do something to scare them? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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