Akshat in trouble?
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  • July 23, 2019
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Tonight on Tantra, we see Niyati trying to wake Akshat up but he isn’t responding to anything. Daksh then takes out a gadget that helps Akshat regain consciousness. Daksh also places his finger on his forehead and retracts immediately and opens his eyes. Niyati then explains to Akshat about how Daksh has been so helpful. Akshat, however, remembers nothing. Even getting married to Niyati. They then decide to go to a temple to seek blessings. Before entering, Akshat feels like he is being poked by a thousand needles. On enquiring more, Daksha tells Niyati that a permanent fix to this will be found when he knows exactly what tantra was done on him. Will they be able to find out more?


On returning, they even go to meet Kanchan who only tries to provoke Akshat further so he can get rid of the amulet given to him. Will Niyati be able to help Akshat?






Tune in to Tantra from Monday to Friday at 11 pm to find out more.

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