Amrik chooses Rajji over Bani #Bani Weekly Update – 9th Apr to 15th Apr
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The week began with Bani’s meeting with her prospective groom Amrik. In nervousness she drops tea on him and all are shocked. He lets go of this blunder and asks for some alone time to talk to her. But before that, Rajji catches hold of him and asks hi mto reject Bani. Watch as Rajji tries her best to call off Bani’s wedding.

Mami gets Bani on the terrace and feels suspicious seeing Rajji there. When Bani and Amrik are alone, he tries to ask her if Rajji’s explanation is true but finds her distracted by Sohum’s presence. While both are staring at each other, Amrik remembers Rajji’s words. Watch this sequence right here.

Once the two come downstairs, Amrik announces that he doesn’t want to get married to Bani but would like to propose for Rajji instead. All are shocked to hear this news but he tries to give his explanations. Watch as Amrik’s answer upsets everyone.

Mami puts the blame on Rajji and tells everyone that surely she filled his ears and Nirvail questions his daughter. Amrik then tries to cover up for her and says that while she spoke to him about Bani’s choices, he liked her and decided to propose. Watch their conversation in this video.

Nirvail and Binder stand firm on their point and reject Amrik’s proposal. They decide that they can’t take away Bani’s right and Sarabjeet is proud to hear this. Inside the house, Bani asks Rajji what actually happened and the latter explains. Bani is saddened to see her two families hurt and blames Rajji for the mistake. Watch this sequence here.

Amrik’s parents apologize to the entire family and are about to leave when Sarabjeet stops them and says he is okay with the proposal. Nirvail is stunned to hear this but Sarabjeet asks him to accept the situation. He then asks Rajji if she’s ready for it and hesitatingly she says yes. Watch as Rajji’s marriage is fixed with Amrik.

After everyone leaves, Desho states her displeasure and declares that the two families can never be united again. Sarabjeet tries to console her but she cries for daughter’s future and blames Nirvail and family. In the other house too, Nirvail and Binder discuss the matter and feel that this will only separate the two families more. Watch as Rajji’s one mistake causes more problems between the families.

Beeji is heartbroken to see to her two sons separate again and in order to console her Rajji shows her the special brick through which she and Bani talk. From the other side, Bani tries to convince Beeji that everything will be all right and to trust her. Watch as Bani and Rajj idiscuss what to do next.

Looking at the situation, will Sohum put forth his proposal to Bani? And what will happen in Rajji’s thaka ceremony? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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