Amrik wants to call off the wedding #Bani Weekly Update – 22nd May to 28th May
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The week began with Desho deciding to visit Parmeet’s house to give Bani’s passport. When Binder hears Desho’s plan, she realizes that Rajji’s passport was never made. This puts the family in tension. Watch this sequence right here.

Sohum comes to Bani’s house to help in the preparations and looking at him Desho feels irritated. She asks him why is he doing all this and does he purposely want to make her feel bad about the rejection? Watch Sohum’s reply in this video.

Amrik comes to meet Rajji and tries to have a conversation but she avoids. Bani noticed the tension between the two and realize something is wrong. She asks Rajji to behave properly with Amrik but the latter refuses and blames Amrik for spoiling Bani’s future. Outside, Sohum tries to find out from Amrik if everything is okay but he denies. Watch their conversation in this video.

Desho and family reach Parmeet’s house and are amazed looking at the grand mansion. On entering, Desho is happy to see the well-kept house and feels she made the right decision by choosing Parmeet over Sohum. Watch as Desho is bowled over by Parmeet’s richness.

While putting up the canopy on Bani’s terrace, it accidentally falls and both Bani and Sohum get stuck under it. They both share a romantic moment in the closeness of the canopy. Watch this moment right here!

The romantic moment is interrupted when Parmeet calls at Bani’s house. Jas receives the call and runs to hand it over to Bani. For the first time, Parmeet and Bani have a conversation and Parmeet apologizes for not being able to make it to the thaka ceremony. Watch Bani’s first conversation with Parmeet.

Amrik and Rajji have an argument and Amrik tries to find out the real reason behind Rajji’s rude behaviour. Rajji tells that she never forget that because of him Bani is now getting married to a NRI and not Sohum and Amrik feels bad about it. He leaves from there immediately.

Sohum hurts his hand while setting up the canopy and Bani proceeds to take care. But Sohum stops her and asks her to leave him alone. Bani is hurt by Sohum’s reaction but doesn’t say anything. Later in night she talks to Rajji and expresses how she feels bad to see Sohum’s feelings being hurt. Watch as Bani decides to ease Sohum’s pain.

Next day, Bani goes to Sohum’s house and apologizes for everything. She lies that she never felt that way for him and hopes that he understands her situation. Sohum also tries to cover up and states he actually never liked her but when he hears that Desho is looking for a NRI groom; he had in any case applied for a visa so thought it could work for both. Both feel hurt while lying to each other but don’t discuss it any further. Watch their painful conversation in this video.

Amrik’s family comes to Bani’s house to give the first wedding card. But before any discussion, Amrik takes his mother aside and asks her mother to call off the wedding. Bani overhears this conversation and is shocked to know Amrik’s decision. Sohum watches her and asks if something is wrong and she tells him about Amrik’s decision. Watch as Bani and Sohum think on how to talk to Amrik.

Sarabjeet feels that Rajji is not happy with this wedding and both Nirvail and he question her about it. She is unable to answer but later decides to give up blaming Amrik and accept this relationship. She states the same to Bani but the latter isn’t able to tell her about Amrik’s decision. Watch this sequence right here.

Will Sohum and Bani manage to change Amrik’s mind? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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