Anandi loses Ira’s trust! Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap 20th-25th May
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Urmi Devi was interested in getting her daughter married to Jagya, but just then she saw Anandi and asked her if she broke off her wedding with Shiv because of his behaviour. Saanchi lost her cool and yelled at Urmi for badmouthing her brother. Just then, Dadisa came in and Urmi Devi berated Dadisa in front of the family for lying to her to get Anandi married to Shiv. (Watch as Dadisa is insulted in front of the whole family)

Saanchi joined in the insults, accusing Anandi of trapping Shiv and declared that she would expose Anandi in front of her family. As Anandi and Saanchi prepared to leave, Anandi apologized to Jagya for ruining his chances of getting married. (Watch as Jagya forgives Anandi)

Anandi also forgave Dadisa, assuring her that she had done everything for Anandi’s happiness and that her in-laws would understand her. But Anandi’s hope turned out to be futile as Saanchi marched into the house and told the family that Anandi and Dadisa had trapped Shiv into the marriage. (Watch as Saanchi narrates the story)

Urmi Devi, too joined in and cornered Anandi about her role in ruining Shiv’s reputation. Anandi’s defence was blown away by Ira, who taunted Anandi about being a divorcee who faked her love for Shiv to get married into a decent family. (Watch as Anandi is heartbroken over Ira’s accusations

Shiv, on hearing about the matter, supported Anandi and told his mother and Urmi that he knew about it before the wedding, and still chose to get married to Anandi. He alos apologized to Anandi about not telling his family before the wedding, which caused this situation. (Watch as Anandi and Shiv support each other)

When Sumitra called Anandi to ensure all was well, Anandi lied to her about Shiv’s family understanding her, which made Chhoti Maa proud of Anandi. Saanchi called Jagya and apologized for her rude behavior the earlier day, and also asked him about his wedding plans. (Watch Jagya and Saanchi’s conversation here)

Mahi was surprised to find the whole family in a sullen mood, but when Chhoti Maa told him about the incident, he asked her to stay silent till the storm blew over.

While Jagya was dropping Ganga off to the exam centre, he got a call from Saanchi, who requested him to help her with her college project. Jagya agreed, and then went on to advice Ganga about her exam. Just then, he had to slam the brake, and Ganga cluthed Jagya for support. (Watch the moment here)

Mahi refused to talk to Saanchi, which made Saanchi all the more furious with Anandi. Ira to, asked Shiv not to trust Anandi too much, as he was bound to be heartbroken someday. (Watch as Ira warns Shiv)

Will Anandi be able to win back Ira’s trust? Or are these cracks in the relationship permanent?


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