Are Zoya and Aditya moving on?
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  • July 9, 2018
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After a week of revelations and so many throwback memories, this week on Bepannaah is something you can’t miss either. We see Aditya informing Zoya about the ring that she thought was for her but in reality, it was for Pooja which was made by Yash. Aditya and Zoya go to a lakeside and immerse both, the photo and the ring. Zoya tells Aditya that she has decided to reopen Zosh Events to keep herself busy and that he must move on in life too.


Going forward, we see Zoya becoming a kid and enjoying herself in the rains and letting it all go. Next morning where Zoya who is busy preparing for the party in Zosh office gets a call from Arjun who tells her that Aditya has left the house. Both Zoya and Arjun start searching for Aditya and in between Arjun informs her that Aditya is going to Paris. Zoya reaches the airport and after a lot of effort, she gets to know that the flight to Paris has taken off already. 





Why has Aditya gone to Paris? Is there a spin to this story? Stay tuned to Bepannaah from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm.

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