Avika is celebrating a ‘Birth Month’ for me: Manish
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Manish Raisinghani, aka Siddhant of Sasural Simar Ka, turns a year older on 22nd July. In the midst of all the celebrations, Manish answers our questions about all things birthday-ish. 


1.) How old do you turn? Do you feel older than last year?

I turn 34.About feeling older, not really. I am a hopeless case I guess, maturity or age just don't seem to like me or even come to me…so I am as crazy as I was one year back!

2.) What are your plans for your birthday? Do you expect a surprise from your co-actors? 

I usually take an off and disappear from Mumbai but this time my schedule doesn't seem to be so kind to me to let me have that day off. Yes, I do get this most expected, every year routine 'surprise' from my close ones and every year they are as 'surprising' as ever and I am as 'surprised' as ever. It's like the suspense of an already seen suspense film.

3.) How do you normally celebrate your birthday?

Like I mentioned I 'vanish' from Mumbai and go crazy doing the craziest things as it's fun to begin your year that way.

4.) What's your birthday wish list? 

Wow, that's a difficult question because as far as the 'gift' part of the wish is concerned, I am most comfortable being on the giving end and the most uncomfortable and awkward about receiving them. But yes, blessings and love is welcome, greed takes over me in that department. 

5.) What are your fondest birthday memories?

Well every memory is unique and special in its own way but the funniest memory that comes to me right now is that my producer for Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag, Hemal Thakkar is a fun guy and enjoys pranks as much as I do, so he sent the entire media to celebrate my birthday and more importantly to pull a prank on me with the help of my director and my co-star. Unfortunately both of them tried too hard but did not succeed and the plan not only flopped but backfired on both of them badly. Hemal and I had a good laugh about it later. 

6.) If you had to have a kiddie birthday party again, how would you celebrate?

Oh, if I ever have to have a celebration it will be only a kiddie one because my nephew is a big Doraemon fan and my little best friend (Avika) is a big Shinchan fan so I guess I will have to keep the party a combination of both!

7.) Have you set any goals for yourself? Any birthday resolution?

The minute you define yourself, you confine yourself. I chose to fly free so I chose not to ever set parameters for myself which we also call resolutions, so no.

8.) Who is the first one to wish you on your birthday?

It's usually my family and my close ones. Like I mentioned, they are all there to 'surprise' me.

9.) Are you excited about your special day or do you consider it just another day? Who around you is the most excited about it?

Honestly for me it’s just another day, but people around me are too sweet to let me keep it ordinary. Like for example, my little buddy Avika celebrates a whole birth month for me, my family and friends celebrate the entire birthday week and this time I was shocked and surprised to see another addition to the kitty-Rosidians (RoSid fans) have been having a countdown and a kind of celebration since last 45 days. I would specially like to mention fan-Dimple, who if I'm not mistaken, is the one who started this birthday party in the virtual world since 45 days. Am I lucky or what? All I can say is a humble thank you for making my birthday so special which usually is a very insignificant day. 

10.) Any plans of getting married after turning a year older?

Hmmm…intersting question. I wish age had any connection with finding love or finding time to love. Rather than the right time, I'd wait for the right lady to change my status from single to married.

11.) We're sure that your fans will wish you, any message for them? Any such message that you remember?

A big 'Thank you' to one and all for making my birthday so special and for showering so much of love on me. I feel blessed, and I shall always do my best to live up to your expectations with complete honesty towards my job of entertaining you. Once again I would like to thank you for the virtual world party that all the Rosidians have created since 45 days. May God bless you all with the same amount of love multiplied exponentially in return of the love you have showered on me and brought this big 'grin' on my face. God bless!


We wish Manish a very Happy Birthday, and you can send your wishes to him too, in the comments section below!

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