Baby drama in Sasural Simar Ka!
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The juniormost member of the Bhardwaj family has been causing a lot of drama and twists in Sasural Simar Ka. No, we're not talking about Sankalp, Khushi or Roli. We're talking about the unborn child that Simar and Prem lost because of Khushi.Simar and Prem, along with the rest of the Bhardwaj family, have been drowned in grief since the time Simar had a miscarriage.And now, with Simar finding out that she will never be able to have kids, the sorrow for this Bhardwaj bahu han crossed all limits. 

Whenever Simar sees a young child, she is reminded of her unborn baby. This dream of Simar, to be a mother and hold her child in her arms, will cause a lot of upheaval in the show. The whole of the family, especially Prem and Roli, are unable to bear the fact that Simar has lost interest in her life. They, along with the other family members, will be seen trying to cheer up Simar by various means. This will include getting new clothes and jewellery for her and cooking her favourite food to distract Simar from her loss. Avika Gor, who plays Roli on the show, reveals, “We will try everything under the sun to cheer Simar up. Me and Manoranjan Mausi will even try to remind Simar of her passion for dance. But her loss is so great that we won't succeed in making her happy.”

But that's not all. Being the perfect sister that she is, Roli will also find a solution for her sister's problem. Roli will suggest surrogacy as a way for Simar and Prem to become parents. And that's not all, she will also volunteer to be the surrogate motther for her sister's baby. 

Now if Roli manages to convince the family members about this bold decision and whether she becomes the surrogate mother, remains to be seen. We will not reveal everything here, but there is a major twist coming your way in Sasural Simar Ka. So keep your ears open, and your eyes glued to the television screen!

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