Back bitching rules the day# Day 32, Synopsis
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The housemates wake up in full ‘josh’ as they listen to – ‘Saila ro, Saila re’ early in the morning. Niketan and Urvashi bitch about Aashka and the way she is not able to control her emotions. Aashka is then seen with Urvashi, Delnaaz and Sana in the garden area venting about how she is not able to survive in the house any further. Urvashi then bitches about Sapna on how she is so ill-mannered, disrespectful and inconsiderate towards the others. Sapna is seen complaining to the captain – Aashka about how Niketan is just not getting involved in the household chores and outsourcing it to others like Sampat Pal. 

Aashka and Sana join the party and bitch about Niketan themselves. Niketan is then seen in the garden area with Delnaaz talking about Sana being a diplomat and someone who doesn’t have her own stand on things. Sidhu is seen lecturing Vrajesh in the living area about how he should channelize his energies and talent in the right way always. After sometime, Sampat Pal bedazzles the housemates by jumping into the swimming pool in her infamous Pink ‘Salwaar kameez’. Sidhu and Sana are left in splits looking at ‘mata ji’ in this avatar! So much so that Sidhu trips and falls near the pool laughing. 

Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates in the living area and announces his displeasure with Aashka’s captaincy and strips her off the same for breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house. An emotional Aashka cries and vacates the captain’s room with much agony. Bigg Boss asks any housemate to stand for captain elections by coming into the confession room on a first come first serve basis. Rajev, Urvashi and Sana become the three contenders for the captain’s position. All the housemates split in small groups and start discussing whom they would prefer to vote for. After an open nomination a new captain is selected by majority. 

Bigg Boss announces the commencement of the Vodafone task for the day. Three housemates namely Urvashi, Vrajesh and Delnaaz dress up like phones and each one of them are supposed to entertain the rest accordingly. The winner is decided by a poll and Urvashi and Delnaaz have a tie and Sidhu gifts them both the Vodafone hamper. The housemates celebrate the gift together and eventually the lights go off and the housemates fall asleep. 


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