Balika Vadhu Ganga’s past revealed! Weekly Recap 4th Feb- 9th Feb
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Last week in Balika Vadhu was quite retrospective for Dadisa and Anandi as Ganga narrated her plight in the hospital.

 In the beginning of the week,  ward boy and Ratan Singh’s confidante in the hospital, Ram Singh mixes something lethal in Ganga’s medication after which Ganga gets paranoid. Jagya tries to placate her but she keeps murmuring about her son. After several failed attempts by Jagiya, Anandi comes and strikes a conversation with Ganga and calms her down.

 As Ganga begins to blurt out her angst, grief and struggle, Dadisa and family arrive. It is then revealed that Ganga too was a balika vadhu, who was married to a much older man. As she narrates her sad story, Dadisa starts getting the flashbacks of her own wrongdoings and feels the guilt pangs. Anandi too goes back to the past and remembers what she had gone through when Jagya came home with Gauri.

 Anandi introduces Ganga to Shiv and promises justice. Suddenly Ganga starts getting paranoid and falls unconscious. Her pulse starts dropping. Jagya gets tensed and tries hard to revive her pulse and finally succeeds after much struggle. After investigating about the sudden collapse Jagya finds out the wrong injection Ganga was given.

 Jagya interrogates and finds out that that the ward boy was behind poisoning Ganga. He starts looking for the ward boy and catches him talking to Ratan Singh on phone. As soon as Jagya reaches towards him, the ward boy jumps off the rooftop.

Later in the day, Jagya calls up Shiv to find out about the status of investigation when Shiv assures him that Ganga will be able to meet her son soon. Anandi too feels restless and Shiv consoles her and both confess about getting to know each other better. After a brief conversation, Anandi goes-off to sleep and Shiv decides to let her be comfortable in the bed and sleeps on the couch. Choti Maa notices their sleeping arrangements and gets doubtful. She then tricks both Shiv and Anandi to get to the truth, where both fumble and make different excuses. 

Next day Dadisa and family arrive at the hospital to meet Ganga and they share a moment of remorse while recollecting Anandi’s plight and decides to take Ganga home.

Finally, the Police nabs the ward-boy when he was trying to escape, disguised as a woman. Shiv rushes to the hospital and informs Jagya that the ward-boy has accepted his crime and both decide to get Ganga’s son back. Ganga volunteers to accompany them and turns a deaf ear towards Shiv and Jagya’s suggestion. 

The trio along with the Police and an ambulance reaches the village. Ganga finds her kid at the front door and runs up to him. Ratan Singh hears Ganga’s voice and bangs the door on her face while she pleads relentlessly. Shiv and Jagya make a plan to nab him when Ratan Singh manages to take the entire family out from the back door.

Will they be able to catch Ratan Singh? Will Ganga be able to meet her son? What will happen when Ganga starts living with Jagya’s family? You will have to wait and watch!

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