Bani succeeds in reuniting the two families #Weekly Update 15th May to 21st May
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The week began with the family busy preparing for Bani’s thaka. Sarabjeet rushes to complete a few things but at that moment Sohum enters and offers to help. He explains that he doesn’t blame anyone and would be more than happy to see Bani and family happy. Watch as Sohum sacrifices his dreams for Bani.

Bani tries to talk to Desho but each time some one or the other would interrupt their conversation. Finally when she gets a chance she asks her mother to fulfill her one wish and break down the wall. Desho gets upset on hearing her request but Bani urges that since both the families have more or less made up then the wall is not required. Eventually Desho relents and allows the wall to be broken. Watch as the wall breaks down after 22 years fulfilling Beeji’s last wish.

After breaking the wall, Beeji expresses her happiness and thanks Bani for doing all this. Bani and Rajji urge both sides to patch up but Desho remains angry and doesn’t show nay interest. Sohum is satisfied seeing Bani happy and tells Sarabjeet the same. The family sets to leave for the Gurudwara and ask Sohum to join in. He promises to follow on bike but Desho feels guilty seeing him around. Watch as the two families unite. (Hyperlink)


Amrik’s family also joins in for Bani’s thaka and Amrik misunderstands the situation. He goes to congratulate Sohum on getting his love Bani but is shocked to know that she is actually getting married to some NRI. Watch their conversation in this video.

Parmeet’s family arrives at the Gurudwara but sans Parmeet. On enquiring they confess that he couldn’t make it and suggest that the ceremony be completed with his photo. Sarabjeet is hesitant to accept the offer but Desho agrees readily. Sarabjeet still forces Bani to make the final decision and looking at her mother’s excitement, Bani gives in her permission to continue. Watch Bani’s thaka ceremony in this video.

On returning from the Gurudwara Beeji notices the now broken wall and together with kids she cleans out the place. She then informs everyone that she will eat from only one kitchen and to decide who will shift where. Desho doesn’t give up her kitchen and decides to stay in and Binder finally moves her things. Watch as the family makes efforts to live together.

Next day, Desho does preparations for the shagun ritual but feels that the gifts are less. Binder offers to partake some of the leftover gifts from Rajji’s shagun and Desho hesitatingly accepts. Maamaji then gives a watch from his side for Parmeet and looking at this Maamiji gets furious and taunts him for wasting money. Watch as Desho overhears their plans of returning to Canada.

Has Bani made the right decision in saying yes to Parmeet and what will happen to Sohum? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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