Bela saves the day?
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  • April 6, 2019
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Tonight, on Naagin 3, Vish runs through the forest looking for Bela and asks her to wait as she wouldn’t be able to fight alone. By the now, the baby is born, and Bela is seen protecting the baby. Just then, a few creatures are seen attacking Bela which results in her losing her balance and fainting. Taking advantage of this, Hukum comes there and takes the baby away and calls for a celebration. However, Hukum is unaware of the truth.





Bela and Mahir go to the Shiv temple and perform taandav for the baby hoping for the sunlight to fall on the baby through Shiv’s third eye. Just when the light is about to fall on the baby, Vish comes there and picks the baby up. What made her do this?




Tune in to Naagin 3 tonight at 8 pm to find out more.

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