Bepannaah: Aditya tries to prove to Zoya that he isn’t a nice man.
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All this while we have seen how time and again Aditya comes up with ways to prove Zoya that he is a threat to her. He gets mad to see her as she reminds him of her late husband who had an affair with his late wife, Pooja.





In one of the series of events this week, Zoya and Aditya have an interaction on the terrace when all of a sudden Aditya pushes Zoya from the edge of the terrace. He also catches her right in time, just to warn her to beware of him. He leaves the scene and sometime later Zoya realizes that the terrace door has been locked by him. Just then it starts raining and Zoya remembers Yash, lost in deep thoughts she suddenly gets unconscious and falls on the terrace.



A little while later, when Arjun and Aditya head out for Zoya’s search, Aditya senses something and they both rush to the same terrace. Zoya is seen fully drenched lying unconscious on the terrace. They rush her to the hospital. Aditya tells Arjun not to tell Zoya that he was the one who saved her.







Does this event give some sign? What does the future hold for Aditya and Zoya?



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