Bharti comes back for revenge! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 28th June-4th July
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Kishan pretended to be sick to avoid going to Mount Abu and spend some time with Bhoomi alone. Parul saw through Kishan’s drama but still went ahead with the family, with Kishan in Bhoomi’s care. Bhoomi pretended to be angry with Kishan when she found out about his lies, but later the two spend time alone in the house, with no one to interrupt their romance. Watch Kishan and Bhoomi’s romance here.

The Vaishnav family were happily on their way to Mount Abu, but during a stop at the dhaba, someone drugged the family’s bus driver, which caused the bus driver to lose control of the bus. Just then a girl jumped into the bus and brought the bus to a stop. When the family turned to thank the girl, they were shocked to see that she was none other than Bharti. Watch as Bharti saves the family.

On the other hand, during the Ekadashi puja, Bhoomi was upset when the pandit warned her and Kishan that their family would be faced with a lot of problems in the coming days, and that the couple would have to stay united to fend these problems off. Watch as Bhoomi gets a warning.

Ansu Baa requested Bharti to come back to Kishangarh, and when the family reached home, Kishan and Bhoomi were shocked to see them in bandages. The family told them about the near death incident and told Kishan and Bhoomi that Bharti had saved them. Ansu Baa also told the couple that she wanted Bharti to stay with them but the final decision would be up to Kishan and Bhoomi. Watch as Bharti comes back to Vaishnav house.

Ansu Baa assured Bhoomi that she would be ok with whatever Bhoomi decided, but Bhoomi also agreed to have Bharti stay with them, which Ansu Baa appreciated. Bhoomi gave Bharti a warm welcome and Bharti also met Bhoomi with open arms. When Bhoomi took Bharti to her room, Bharti and Bhoomi decided to forget everything and start a new friendship. Watch the scene here.

The family was very happy when they heard about their order for Paddy being a hit in the international market. Bharti saw Bhoomi being accepted wholeheartedly in the family, and finally went into her room and marked off a date in her calendar. She also vowed that she would take revenge against the Vaishnav family. Watch as Bharti takes a dangerous vow.

With Bharti’s entry into the Vaishnav family right after the panditji’s warning, will this bring trouble to Bhoomi’s paradise? Or will Kishan and Bhoomi find a way out of this new problem?

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