Bharti had a great fall on Jhalak!
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  • July 28, 2012
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We all know what happened to Humpty-Dumpty when he sat on the wall. He had a great fall! But what happened to Bharti on the Jhalak stage was tragic. Hang on! She did not fall and break her bones but was dropeed by Manish Paul.


It so happened that after Bharti’s very sexy cabaret act, Manish Paul led on by co-host Ragini was challenged to lift Bharti and take her to the hawa mahal for her scores. Manish, who wanted to show-off his macho-ism, managed to lift Bharti but, the trouble started after the heroic effort of sweeping her off her feet and into his arms Manish dropped her as soon as he he managed to totter and reach till the end of stage. The thought of reaching the finishing line obviously did not appeal to him because the next thing you know, Bharti was on the floor, with Manish on top and poor Savio trying to figure who to save first.


With Bharti rubbing her elbow and Manish alternately bowing down to Savio and holding his back, the audiences and the judges were on the floor while this comic duo was in action. Manish even suggested that a shrine be made in Savio's name since lifting Bharti is not a feat that can be achieved by a mere mortal. Well well, in this case our jack and jill fell down the hill, before they even managed to climb the hill. Here's hoping they are both ok after their fall.


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