Bharti & Manish take ‘Atithi devo Bahva’a step ahead
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  • September 8, 2012
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India is known for it's tradition of 'Mehmaan-Nawazi'and Jhalak kept this ritual alive. This time when the International Dancers paid a visit for the International week guest-dancer Iveta, who performed with Gurmeet was asked to compete in a 'laddoo eating competition' with Bharti, Manish took the atithi devo bhava concept one step further.

Manish also in a quick wit didn't leave a chance to pull Bharti's leg by calling her the 'Jhalak ka ladoo. While Bharti won the competition as expected, Manish had everyone in splits as he said that 'jeet un ladoo ki hui jo bach gaye'since Bharti was off like a bullet and feeding on them by the kilo. As a part of celebrating her victory, Bharti decided to feed all the judges too but when it comes to Remo, there has to be a twist and she decided to keep Remo's half eaten ladoo as her 'pyaar ki nishani'.She said ” This is one ladoo that I will never eat'. 

As decided the looser of this competition had to do a split onstage and Iveta did it with a flair and impressed everyone with her graceful split, leaving Manish all gaga over her. Not one to be outdone, Bharti showed her Punjabi version of a split and the jury suffered tears in their eyes and stitches on their sides.

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