Bhoomi gets the last challenge: Sanskaar Weekly Recap 10th-16th May
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Bhoomi tried her best to make a sweet out of the curdled milk, while Rukmini Baa and the family waited for her to present her creation. Kishan, in a bid to buy some time for Bhoomi, started a battle for English between Rukmini Baa and Ansu Baa. (Watch the hilarious match here

Just as Rukmini Baa was about to leave, Bhoomi gave the sweets, which Rukmini Baa liked a lot. She also blessed Bhoomi and told Ansu Baa that Bhoomi was the right bahu for their household. (Watch as Bhoomi is praised by Rukmini Baa)

Parul and Kishan both praised Bhoomi for passing most of the tests, and Bhoomi got the chance to give Kishan a challenge as she dared him to say ‘I Love You’ to her in front of the whole family. 

The next day, the family was happy as Ramila and Mayank returned home, but Ketki tried her best to put Bhoomi down in front of the whole family. Kishan caught Bhoomi at every instance and confess his love, but failed to impress Bhoomi. (Watch Kishan’s romantic efforts here)

During lunch, Kishan halfway succeeded in his challenge when he suddenly said ‘I Love You’, but then changed it to ‘I Love You Baa’. (Watch as Kishan tries to trick Ansu Baa)

Ansu Baa gave the family the good news that the mill would start on Akshaya Tritiya, and instructed Bhoomi to make all the arrangements for the auspicious day, sending her into a tizzy. She also added that her last test would be ‘Kalyani’, where she would have to do something beneficial for the family on her own. (Watch as Bhoomi gets the final task)

Kishan and Bhoomi immediately set out to do the task, and made a presentation about the Akshaya Tritiya function. (Watch as Kishan helps Bhoomi in the task)

Hasmukh, after ignoring Amrutlal’s calls, was lured outside and tortured by him, after which he promised that the mill would not reopen and that the papers would be given to Amrutlal. 

Ketki learnt that Bhoomi and Kishan had prepared something on the laptop for the task and poured water on the laptop to ruin Bhoomi’s chances at the task. (Watch as Ketki sabotages Bhoomi’s task)

Kishan and Bhoomi gathered everyone in the hall which was decorated as a cinema hall and took Ansu Baa’s blessings for the presentation.

With Ketki damaging the laptop, will Bhoomi and Kishan succeed in giving their presentation? Or will Bhoomi fail at the task after being close to success?

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