Bigg Boss 10: Cold war between Priyanka and Monalisa becomes a verbal spat!
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  • November 29, 2016
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Tonight, Swami Om is cribbing to his ‘daughter’ Priyanka about Manu and Manveer. Monalisa who is lying on the bed right behind them overhears the conversation and asks Swami Om to stop saying nasty things. She also informs her buddies Manu and Manveer about what happened.


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Later on, Priyanka tries to instigate Manu and Manveer against Monalisa by twisting the entire episode. But Manu and Manveer can see through her efforts to break their friendship with Monalisa and stop her. Manu says that Monalisa didn’t like to hear any gossip about them because she’s their good friend. This response irks Priyanka and she begins saying bad things about Monalisa. But this time, Monalisa is all set to give it back to her and she does by saying, ‘Tum ho kaun?’


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Wildcards have definitely stirred the pot and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM!

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