Bigg Boss 11: A unique quality in each finalist that can make him or her a well-deserving winner!
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Hina, Puneesh, Vikas and Shilpa have proved themselves as real players and hence they are here as the final four this season.


At this stage everyone can be called a winner as it’s not so easy to reach the level they have, considering several trials the housemates have to face throughout their journeys.


Also like they say luck favors them who make efforts, these finalists have come a long way creating a history for themselves. However there can be only one winner in the end.


Let’s now go through one quality that each housemate has and that makes him or her well deserving housemate to win the season!



Vikas: A real player – It’s commendable for a person who has always remained behind the screens to be able to understand the game so well. Vikas never got anxious about the situations he faced, he is one of those housemates who understood and played the game in the Bigg Boss house very well. He has always had a clear understanding on how to play and what step to take forward. We believe this is why Vikas deserves to win.





Hina: An all-rounder – Be it tasks, looks or entertainment Hina gave it all in each area. We saw her different shades on the show and she always came across as one of the most entertaining housemates. Hina proved herself from the very beginning hence is a deserving winner.






Shilpa: Stand-alone spirit – Shilpa never believed in being part of any gang or group. She played smart even when she had nobody around her. She chose to be herself and always trusted her fans. This spirit earned her a lot of admiration by her fans and hence she deserves to win.






Puneesh: Confident player – Being a commoner, Puneesh only grew as a performer amongst the celebs in the Bigg Boss house. His confidence became his greatest weapon. He came this far through his efforts and totally deserves to win.






Which finalist is your favorite?

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