Bigg Boss 9, Day 12: Now Kishwer is getting personal!
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Last night before calling it a day, I witnessed what could be called 'toofan se pehle ki shaanti'. Thanks to the tug of war, Kishwer was supported by 60% majority of the house.  So now, being the captain, Kishwer was given a task by Bigg Boss  to give a suitable title to the Housemates. But the choice of titles provided were that of Bigg Boss. Can u guess what titles did the Housemates finally get? If not let me update you –

Boring – Arvind

Logic: Post Ankit was nominated and left the house, Arvind has gone in shell. 

Kamchor – Vikas                                                                                                                                  

Logic: being the captain last week he did not work.

Rule breaker – Rochelle                                                                                                                    

Logic: She sleeps in the house all day long and talks in English

Entertainer – Prince                                                                                                                            

Logic: It has to be Prince because he is heart of the house 

Nakli – Mandana                                                                                                                                    

Logic: She is not herself in some situations as observed by Kishwer. I sense serious trouble here

Aswatch – Aman                                                                                                                                

None other than Aman reason being he spat in the wash basin. 

I think the logics are merely waste of time had no logic reasoning to it, lets analyse a bit Vikas is given the title of kamchor just because he was the captain of the house , then next week kishwer would be titled as Kamchor because she is the new captain this week. As per the Bigg Boss rules, captain cannot work. We all have seen cold war between Mandana and Kishwer so Mandana is fake just because is she behaved in a particular way according to her own will. Was kishwer just fooling around or she is taking out her frustration and getting personal through this task?  

Let’s see today what the contestants have to say about it, don’t miss Bigg Boss it meet me at 10.30 today.

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