Bigg Boss 9, Day 15: Kabhi Pyar, Kabhi Takraar! All’s not well between Mandana and Prince.
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Kahi pe nigahe kahi pe nishana… Oh boy! Prince was having a smashing time with girls around him. Now the third week has started and as Salman in the last weekend en-kindled the competition amongst the contestants for not keeping the house clean and tidy,  Kishwer the captain of the house made sure that everyone is on their toes to complete their responsibilities and keep the house as orderly and as spick and span as possible.

While Prince and Suyaash being in the bandhan had to still carry out their duties together, Mandana's duty was to cook food. Here, Prince in a very courteous manner told Mandana to keep the kitchen equipment at the proper place after using so that nobody is tormented and the chore comes easy for the next person who is cooking.

Mandana, didn't take this too nicely and instantly replied, quite coarsely, saying that he shouldn't teach her what to do as she knew her responsibilities very well. then there was a tiff between the two that went on for a while.

 Prince never answered back to Mandana for her inappropriate behaviour, but was found talking behind her back about how obnoxious and intolerant her behaviour had become with him.

The love birds Suyyash and Kishwer along with Yuvika and Prince were merrily discussing about it (The bunch is also also commonly found bitching about everyone). Kishwer being the captain seemed to be quite biased towards her own people

Is this happening because Prince was disgraceful and non chivalrous towards Mandana and had made a nasty comment on her? To catch how Prince reacted towards the hottie of Bigg Boss, catch the show at 10.30 tonight.

Bigg Boss Khabri! 

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