Bigg Boss 9, Day 20: Prince’s confession lands housemate in trouble!
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  • October 31, 2015
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Finally we are getting to see the ugly side of the housemates! After last week’s episode where Salman asked the housemates to be honest to each other and raise their voice whenever it was needed instead of back biting, the contestants have taken his advice seriously and now confronting their issues head on.  Salman Khan ho and unki baat ka asar na ho, that’s impossible! And guess who was the first to walk that line? Our very own Prince. Looks like Prince is finally shining in his golden armor and I bet everyone in the house must have noticed the change in him because I certainly have. 

Prince who was the captain last week was called into the confession room and asked by Bigg Boss as to who according to him was a little on the ‘over bearing’ side. Any guesses as to which one of the contestants did he pick?  Well, for one that person is definitely a house favourite! It didn’t end all with just a confession, Prince even got to put that housemate behind bars.  At the Bigg Boss house, everyone has to pay a price and I bet after today’s episode everyone will be a little wary of their behaviour towards one other. 

To find out who bared the brunt of Prince’s anger, don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss tonight at 9 PM. 

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