Bigg Boss 9, Day 24: Mehmaan bhagwaan samaan hote hain! Really?
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It's day two of the hotel task and the pressure only seems to be building. Looking back at yesterday’s episode, I must say that the efforts that everyone put in the house, was beyond commendable.  In spite of such harsh treatment, everyone in the house, thanks to their ‘united we stand spirit’, successfully sailed through day one of the hotel task without any grievances or hiccups. At least to some degree!

It wasn’t just Mandana and Rishabh that the housemates had to attend to, but also Sargun and Andy. The guests were pretty demanding, and I swear that if I was in their place I would have killed someone or many in cold blood.

On day two, there were two more guests who made their way into the BB 9 hotel. I was really excited when I found out who these two guests of honor were! And I assure you, you would have been too, considering the trouble they created for the previous season’s housemates. 

It was Ali Quli Mirza and Sana Khan who graced the house with their indomitable presence. The entire house was seen greeting Ali with arms wide open but their happiness was very short lived. Ali who is known for his captaincy skills gave out instructions to all the housemates which they had to quietly follow. He acted like tough task master, friendly yet very strict.  Sana Khan too left no stone unturned after her entry and when the two joined forces, they wreaked havoc on the contestants. Some of the tasks that were given to the participants were quite extreme like the one which involved them going bold or dressing up like a drag queen. And I can assure you, you wouldn’t have done it either, even if you were paid a billion bucks. Or would you?

To find out what happened through the day and if the hotel employees were able to pull off all the tasks, don’t forget to tune into tonight’s episode at 10:30 PM.

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