Bigg Boss 9, Day 25: Kabhi pyarr kabhi takraar! All is fair in love and war!
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‘Aaj na chodunga tujhe’ was the motto of the day and looking at how things went on in the house, it was pretty evident that it was. Thanks to Bigg Boss, there was plenty of adrenalin rush in the house. The new task which was a little on the adventurous side was meant for the selection of the next captain which was held between Mandana and Rishabh, the previous task winners. Ahem! Ahem ! If you remember Mandana and Rishabh in the last task, they played a pretty mean game and tortured the housemates as guests, and now they found themselves in opposite teams. 

The task required two contestants to balance on a wooden plank placed across the pool and knock down each other with the help of a long rod-like prop till one of them fell into the water. There were a total of 5 rounds and the one who won the maximum times,  was declared the winner. This might sound like the easy part to you but trust me when I say Bigg Boss had other plans in store for them. Bigg Boss gave a little twist to the game when he asked Mandy and Rishabh to select any one of the other housemates to represent them in the challenge or go ahead and do the task themselves. Abhi toh asli maza shuru hua hain and itne din ki dosti aaj saamne aayi. Not long after the captaincy task was announced, gun shots started to fire in the air. Uffho!! Not literally. 

 You must have seen in the past, the fights between Prince and Rishabh. Prince has been pretty miffed with Rishabh ever since his entry but during the task today, Prince went ahaed and supported Rishabh full-on. Kishwer too was seen supporting Rishabh not becasue she was fond of him but because she could not stand Mandana lying down on the bed and acting like a princess. Well! Mandy has certainly made quite a few enemies in just two days and her rani-like behaviour in the hotel task has come to haunt her back. 

All is well that ends well. It was all-in-all, an eventful day filled with laughter, giggles, anger and crazy fun. To find out who won between Mandana and Rishabh, do tune into Bigg Boss season nau at 10:30 PM.

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