Bigg Boss 9, Day 25: Rochelle ne bajayi band!
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To keep one’s patience attuned can be pretty daunting and in the Bigg Boss house it can be even more. Most of the people in the house have been able to keep their calm for the past few weeks except off course the loud month Kishwer, and the Prince of his ‘own estate’.  But today I saw someone else blowing some steam off. You would be shocked or very glad to know who that person was. Well! It was the adorable, Rochelle. She is an extrovert girl but at heart, she is very emotional. And someone definitely pressed the wrong button that gave way to the little devil inside of her. Oh wait! I am sorry, that title has been already taken by someone else in the house. Who else, but our wild card entrant, Rishabh!  He was also the same ‘mahaan vyakti’ who brushed Rochelle off the wrong way. Rochelle and Rishabh had a huge fight that led to Rochelle abusing him back, which got Rishabh agitated and he ended up speaking to her as if she was a little ant who he was planning to crush. And in between their tiff, the Prince in shining armor came to the rescue of the Princess in distress! I am not talking about Keith but Prince Narula. He asked Rishabh to back off a little and not cross the line. It was some sight! Rishabh who has been acting a little smart in the past two days, finally came back down to planet Earth and all the credit goes to ‘Roch’ honey.

To find out what happened between the two and why, don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode at 10:30 PM

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