Bigg Boss 9, Day 26: Sleepless nights await housemates in the double trouble room
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It’s that time of the week again! Yes! You guessed it spot on! The double trouble room is here again to cause a little more trouble in the lives of the inmates. And guess who got the responsibility of sending the three trouble makers into the room? Well! The devil himself! Rishabh, off course! Bigg Boss asked the housemates to name three people in the house whose performance during the hotel task wasn’t up to the mark, and Rishabh had to finalise three names in consultation with the other housemates. The three troublemakers who were sent to the double trouble room were Rimi, Rishabh and Mandana. You must be wondering why did Mandy and Rishabh get selected despite the fact they won the hotel task? Well! The task wasn’t just about winning but also about how well the housemates performed the task. Rishabh and Mandana who were flying high on their win, came crashing down after this announcement, or did they really?

Like the last week’s episode, this week too, the contestants had to press the buzzer inside the double trouble room.  They were given four options and each option led to the choice of who all among the housemates got to sleep on their beds with or without their mattresses. It was really fun to see what all happened during the task. By the looks of how Rishabh acted in the room, I am not sure if he really understood the instructions given by Bigg Boss; otherwise he wouldn’t have been seen making such a fool of himself. Ha..Ha..What a joker, that Rishabh guy is! You should see the things he did inside the double trouble room.

To find out what choice Mandana, Rishabh and Rimi made and the reaction of their other team mates, don’t forget to watch another fun-filled episode of Bigg Boss tonight at 10:30 PM.

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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