Bigg Boss 9, Day 29: Khaane Peene ke Vande!
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  • November 9, 2015
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We all know how important food and water is in our life. If we don't get it on time, we get irritated. But the truth is millions of people across the world don't get food and water on a daily basis. And it seems the contestants in the Bigg Boss 9 house will soon join that list if they don't use their food wisely. And this is what exactly creates ruckus in the house today.

Tonight all the housemates suddenly realized that they have been living so lavishly and that has depleted their ration very fast. The food was less and some contestants were just wasting food. This led to one fight after another.

Firstly, Suyyash got pissed with Digangana as she threw away some of her food. He suggested that she should have taken less food and let others, who were hungry, eat rather than throwing it. Suyyash then told everyone else to drink less tea and coffee as they were running out of milk. This created shock waves in the house.

Later on Kishwer, Prince, Mandana and Suyyash told Aman to exchange Kitchen duties as he uses extra oil while cooking eggs and paratha. Oil is less and they need to conserve more. This didn't go down well with Aman. 

Will a war of words erupt? Or will the housemates agree and start conserving food? Tune in to Bigg Boss for all the details.

Bigg Biss Khabari.

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