Bigg Boss 9, Day 34: Salman protects the code!
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  • November 14, 2015
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There is one thing that every person knows from the start is that all the contestants are equal in the Bigg Boss house and that the supreme power lies only with Bigg Boss.

You all know that during the highway task there was a lot of chaos among the housemates. You might remember the incident where Mandana kicked Kishwer and then the part where the clothes got stolen. Later, Kishwer was also seen accusing Bigg Boss of acting biased towards Mandana and she disrespected Bigg Boss by walking out of the confession room while Bigg Boss was still talking to her. So on Saturday, Salman gave it back to Kishwer by telling her about her misdemeanor. He told her that nobody has the right to disrespect Bigg Boss and that she had violated this very rule a lot of times. Thank god for that! I hope that would teach her a lesson. The housemates have started to take Bigg Boss for granted and whenever they feel like, they throw their weight around.

Bigg Boss is the ‘mahamahim’ of the house and you have to follow all his rules until you leave the house.

To find out what all took place in the house and how Salman set Kishwer back on track, don’t miss tonight's episode at 9PM.

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