Bigg Boss 9, Day 36: Rimi’s disinterest might cost her big!
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  • November 16, 2015
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From the start of the show, if there is one person who doesn't have any interest in staying in the Bigg Boss house, then it is Rimi Sen. She has the most negligent attitude towards the show, yet she has survived so far. That’s pure fate!

Even thought it is known that the nominations for this week will be decided by the performance in the luxury budget task, Rimi hasn't changed. Rimi was supposed to be the moderator in the ‘Shararati Bachche’ task, but from the start of the task she seemed to be the least active member in it. She was not playing her role properly.

So, later Bigg Boss expressed his concern and gave the responsibility of convincing Rimi to be active in the task to the other housemates. But even the housemates seemed to fail at this.

Seems like the sword of nominations is hanging on Rimi’s head. Will it be the end of her time in the house? Don’t miss the next episode!

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