Bigg Boss 9, Day 41 : Salman acts like a true mentor!
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  • November 21, 2015
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When Mandana was sent into the secret room, Bigg Boss threw another twist into the game. While Mandana was in the room , housemates were told that Mandana was watching them and whenever the red light turned on, they all had to bitch about her. Bigg Boss had also told the housemates that Mandana would later nominate two people and they would be given immunity from the nominations and would be declared as safe.

Later when Mandana came back she was very upset that Rochelle had bitched a lot about her. Her relationship with Rochelle was jeopardised because of all of this. So when Salman met the housemates this week,  he cleared the air between Mandana and Rochelle. He told Mandana that Rochelle was just following the orders of Bigg Boss and it was just a part of the game and she deliberately did not bitch about her. Well! Mandy looked very miffed with Rochelle and has been seen going around the house talking ill about her.

So, will Mandana understand the situation this time around or will she again be her usual self and not listen to anyone?

To find out if Salman was able to mend broken ties, catch tonight's episode at 9pm sharp. 

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