Bigg Boss 9, Day 45: Kawaljit gets isolated!
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  • November 25, 2015
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Since his entry in the Bigg Boss house, Kawaljit has been very interactive with the housemates. But some of the housemates did not like his ‘aag mein ghee daalna’ approach. He has tried to spark some fights by bringing up some prior incidents and this hasn't gone down well with the housemates.

Kawaljit also made a comment about Keith and his ex-wife which angered Rochelle as he is her boyfriend. She tried to bury the hatchet and told Kawaljit not to talk about it as he doesn’t know Keith. But, Kawaljit said that he knows Keith better than Rochelle does. Rochelle’s patience level was soon broken and she told Kawaljit that he doesn’t deserve to take Keith’s name from his mouth because he is not that worthy and started a fierce argument with him. Already many housemates aren't talking to Kawaljit and after this incident he has been completely isolated by nearly all of them.

It is well said that when you are digging a grave for someone else, better dig one for yourself too because Kawaljit has now hit the axe on his own foot. 

Will he apologize for his actions or spend the rest of his time in isolation? Time and Bigg Boss will decide that, so don’t miss the next episode.

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