Bigg Boss 9, Day 46: Priya has a clash with the ‘Bully’ gang finally!
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  • November 26, 2015
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Just as the luxury budget task got over, Bigg Boss announced another task, but this time it was for the captaincy of the house. Yes, it's time for Kishwer‘s reign to end.

The captaincy task was generally conducted between two contestants but this time it was contested between five people.

Yes, this time captaincy task will be conducted between Rishabh, Rochelle , Kishwer ,Priya, Suyyash and Prince . All the contestants were asked to sit in one car and the person who sits till the end, wins the game. The task is not as easy as it sounds and no task here is complete without fights and arguments.

Yes many fights break out. Priya was the first to get into an heated argument with Kishwer and Suyyash. The argument started when the housemates did not understand the task properly and they all turned against Priya and the argument turned ugly. So Kishwer's furious reply to her was now the new wild cards would teach them now to play when they have just arrived themselves.

But you have to wait to catch this high voltage drama that the captaincy task will create.

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