Bigg Boss 9, Day 46: Take the ride!
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  • November 26, 2015
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After the completion of the luxury budget task and the absolute thrashing that Prince's team inflicted on to Rimi’s team, it’s time for the captaincy task of this week. But there is a bonus, the winner will also gets two weeks of immunity and obviously the captaincy of the house.

So for the task, a car was kept in the garden area and all contestants rushed towards it. Rishabh, Prince, Suyash, Rochelle, Priya and Kishwer were the ones who made it in the car and then began the game of waiting. Mandana was declared as the moderator of the task. Whoever sat in the car for the longest time would win the task. But during the task they were not allowed to eat anything. All they were allowed to carry was their water sippers.

They have to go through all this ‘tapasya’ for getting the captain's title and more importantly 2 weeks immunity. And with Priya in the car, peace is the last thing others would get, that’s for sure.

So who will go through this whole task and emerge as the captain? Well, that’s your waiting game folks!

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