Bigg Boss 9, Day 52: The Biscuit Brawl!
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  • December 2, 2015
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We have already seen a lot of fights and arguments in the house, that tobover petty issues  But this one has definitely surpassed all of them. Imagine what can be the pettiest issue that one could fight over. Now double the pettiness and your answer is… Biscuit!

This Biscuit fight was bigger than you can imagine as it roped in a lot of housemates in to the brawl. It all started when Rishabh stole Mandana’s diet biscuits to teach her a lesson. She saw him hide those biscuits and she confronted him over this.

Later, on Priya’s insistence Rishabh gave it back to her and that's when Mandana called Rishabh a mosquito and left the scene. But the war between the two didn’t seem to end there and the very next time they came face to face, other housemates like Rochelle and Suyyash also got involved in the fight as they reasoned with each other and took sides.Seriously?
It seems that these guys can fight over anything and everything! Is this how things will go down in the Bigg Boss house?
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