Bigg Boss 9, Day 52: What? Rochelle snapped at Keith!
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  • December 2, 2015
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Fights, clashes and arguments for food is not an uncommon sight in the Bigg Boss house. However, it is intriguing to see how food can stir a fight even between a pair that is committed to each other.

Digangana has not been keeping well for a long time now, and hence, she got healthy sandwiches for herself from none other than Bigg Boss!

Rochelle, unable to control herself from tasting the tempting sandwiches, went ahead and grabbed a bite from the delicious sandwich. Suyyash told Rochelle that she shouldn't have had the sandwich because they were sent for a sick person. This offended Rochelle and she stood up to defend herself by arguing with Suyyash.

When Keith tried to explain to her all the things and make her understand Suyyash’s point, she snapped at him too.

Later on, Keith confronted Rochelle and questioned her if their relationship is so weak that she won't even hear him out when she's angry.

Not a good sign, indeed! Doesn't this prove that nothing is impossible in the Bigg Boss house?

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