Bigg Boss 9, Day 53: Mandana lights up a storm!
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  • December 3, 2015
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I have to admit that this ‘5 dosh’ task is literally the most torturous task, I have come across so far on the show. To see your personal belongings being consumed by the wrath of a devil is really painful.

The most shocking thing about all of this was that both the teams didn’t do anything to stop it either. They saw their belongings getting trashed and they did not utter a single word from their mouths. That’s dedication folks!

But not long after, we saw Rochelle break down and say that she couldn’t take it anymore. And Mandy for once didn’t look  ready to back down from this task. She wanted to take it to the fourth round and she made her intentions very clear. She wanted to destroy Kawaljit's ring and even though Rochelle tried to make her understand the situation, she snapped back at her. Her team told her to end it but she argued that when she did not do the previous task, everybody had a problem. Now that she finally wanted to complete this, they were protesting against her. She said her personal belongings were destroyed in front of her and she had a lot of connection with them. Looks like she wanted revenge!

Some housemates supported her, while some didn't. Things got really ugly too.

What will happen next? Will Mandana back down? Or will she walk down the road to revenge? Check out the next episode to know more.

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